Attention! Change of opening hours - from 31/07/2022 up to and including 03/08/2022 we will be open only 9:00 - 17:00 | Attention! Change of opening hours - from 31/07/2022 up to and including 03/08/2022 we will be open only 9:00 - 17:00
Unique location

The Rooftop Café with a unique view over 3 bridges (Wittelsbacher, Reichenbach, Cornelius)

Full day experience

From breakfast, brunch, lunch, teatime to sundowner with DJ - 362 days a year.

Food & Drinks

Enjoy the variety of our cuisine around Chef Alexander Högner & drinks from Bar Chef Sergio Cortez.

Deutsches Museum Rooftop

“A light breeze sweeps across the terrace, enveloping luminous faces, making lanterns and pennants dance. The sky still glows, while the shadows lengthen and the shimmering air gives way to a pleasant coolness.

It starts with a gentle beat, then a beckoning melody rises into the sky and wraps itself like an embrace around anyone who listens.

Hearts beat in unison, eyes smile, hands find each other.

Cool drops bubble from crystal glasses, unknown flavors ignite the senses in a new love. Myriad voices merge into a dream song, an exuberant dance emerges from supple movements.

The rays of the setting sun bring the copper starry sky to life while a silver crescent appears on the clear blue of the evening.

Today, under this sky, let joy be our rhythm, while we shine with the stars.

Welcome to Frau im Mond

The event location

Celebrate your occasion in an extraordinary ambience with excellent food & drinks.

Whether a birthday, a simple get-together or an evening with business partners.

We are working to provide them with detailed information as soon as possible.

Gift Cards for every occasion

With a gift certificate to their loved ones, business partners you have the right gift for a unique experience at the Rooftop of the Deutsches Museum.

You can choose a motif from our image gallery or upload your own image and add a personal message.

The gift card will be sent to the recipient by email immediately after payment.

Frequently asked questions about the woman in the moon

Unfortunately, it is not possible during the opening hours of the Deutsches Museum (9-17). We recommend coming for breakfast at 9am and lunch at 11am.

In the evening (from 6 pm) you can make a reservation via Open Table. You can find the link on our website in the menu.

Yes, this is appreciated and we recommend arriving early due to low capacity.

Yes, with pleasure. For a small group, email us using the contact form on the website.

If you are planning an event, contact us and our event team will discuss all the details. Under the item Event Location you will find all important information and an inquiry form.

This may be possible if guests cancel at short notice. Send us an email with your phone number and we will contact you when something becomes available.

We are open all year round, except for the Christmas holidays.

With pleasure!

Yes, via elevator. The restaurant is barrier-free.

No, via the outside elevator, located to the right of the main entrance, you can get directly to the Dadchterrasse.

Yes we are looking for. On our page you will find information and a contact form.

Thats what our customers say

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